Abel Moyo

Abel Moyo

CEO & Founder

Abel Moyo is the CEO and Founder of Habelite PVT ltd. He founded when he was double majoring in Software Enginering and Robotics and Mechatronics.  Initially the company was named HABE representing the initials of the first 4 people who were part of HABE, namely Etherton from South Africa, Abel Moyo from Zimbabwe , Berna from Tanzania and Haif from Turkey.  He then later registered the company in Zimbabwe naming it HABELITE with lite representing the simplicity and user friendliness of applications developed by the company.


About Abel

Abel Moyo is software engineer , an ethical hacker and project manager with experience in mobile application development , linux kernel, web applications, desktop applications, robotics among many other fields.He has created client applications used by more than 10 million people world wide. He has a passion for network and cyber security and the internet of things and how they help benefit the society. Abel Moyo has served as the Chairman of the Software Development committiee in the Computer Society of Zimbabwe, Head of tech in Girls in STEM, Head of Tech in Baobab Education among many other boards. He has headed different high profile projects from Zimbabwe, UK, South Africa, USA ,Cyprus and Zambia with great excellency and customer satisfication reviewed by organisations like PPC cement Zimbabwe , SNV organisation , ZBCW , Delta Freight, ZCC, Khanyisile Investments and many more.

Training and speaking engagements

Abel Moyo has trained hundreds of youths and children on how to use computers, code , persue robotics among many other IT skills in communities like Pelanda Bulawayo, Botswana, Zambia , Harare and many other places.He is involved in quite a number of non profit projects in different communities to help increase computer literacy and empower youths and children with IT skills to solve problems faced in the communities and create an income revenue for them through freelancing.