Computer Solutions

We have highly trained team which specialises on hardware and software installation from small to large enterprises.

Robotics And Automation

We offer full automation services to different companies.In partnership with coding school, we aim on teaching robotics and automation to youths and kids in Africa starting in Zimbabwe January 2016.

Web Development
From intelligent portals like habenerd for schools and church portal, to simple blogs, social sites and company profiles we offer unbeatable quality and value for your money.
App Development

You have a company or you just want to start your own new venture or your own whatsapp. We not only create for you but we also help you in ways you can monitories your application.

Graphics Development

From business cards to logo designing, to posters, to short media sketches and films. We do it all and professionally. Just imagine it and we will paint the picture for you.

Workshops / Conferences

ICT based and 21st century technology driven motivational workshops and conferences. You want your staff to be Tech driven or oriented or to jump to 21st models, we the best man for you.

Coding School

Programming is a tool for everyone, its the next best thing from a superpower .Programmers are the wizards of tomorrow. We giving this power to the people of tomorrow from 6 year olds going up.

Social Media Advertising

What could be done in a week, using lots and lots of resources and an army of marketers can now be donme in a single click. You product pushed to millions and millions of people within a space of a day.